A booking solution for Bus Fleet owners and Tour package operators 

On-boarding & Training Support

We believe in our customers getting the best out of our software Bus booking pro . We work along with our client to train and support them through this process.

From face-to-face training to systems documentation, we provide all the educational resources you need to execute productively - whether you’re a long-time practitioner or just getting started.

Introductory Training

A fully supported training from custom set up to Bus booking platform familiarisation.

Complimentary Support

40 hours of assistance for training and support which includes business analysis and assistance in configuration of the platform when you sign up for a package.

Learning Cloud

Comprehensive online documentation for a with detailed setup guides.

Updates & Notifications

Comprehensive online documentation for a with detailed setup guides.

Accelerate your growth

Streamline your Operations with Online Bus Ticketing System - Bus Booking Pro

Free support & Discounted rates

Empower your users with the knowledge and skills they need to make their jobs easier. Bus booking pro provides 40 hours free help that can be used for training, support, business analysis and configuration. If you need further hours it is available at a discounted rate when purchased in blocks. Staff training can also be purchased on an hourly basis. Contact Bus booking pro sales with your training requirements.

Bus Booking Pro in action

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Support by Experts

Bus booking pro training is conducted face-to-face or from our helpdesk by highly skilled experts with in-depth bus reservation knowledge and configuration skills across the Bus booking pro platform. They are only ever an email or phone call away, ensuring the highest quality support you need.