A booking solution for Bus Fleet owners and Tour package operators 

Bus Booking Pro

Step into the fast lane of success with Bus Booking Pro - Accelerating Your Fleet business.

Solution Overview

Bus Booking Pro is an advanced online system that automates bus bookings and payments for various routes, intercity transfers, and tours. It simplifies and streamlines the entire booking process, making it easier for both passengers and bus operators. This efficient software manages online bookings, agent bookings, bus inventory, fares, routes, schedules, and other crucial aspects of bus operations. It also handles all the back-office administration and reporting tasks, saving valuable time and effort.

Passengers will find it incredibly convenient to book and manage their trips through the user-friendly web interface. The system allows for easy reservation management, client details handling, passenger lists creation, scheduling of routes, tracking seat availability, and even uploading interactive seat maps. Customers can select their preferred seats with just a few clicks.

By utilizing Bus Booking Pro, you can significantly enhance your business growth by increasing customer engagement and satisfaction levels. The software enables your company to transition from traditional pen-and-paper booking processes to a modern and dynamic online reservation and management system. This transformation enhances operational efficiency, giving your business a competitive advantage in the industry.

Bus Booking Pro - A booking solution for Bus Fleet owners and Tour package operators

Bus Management

Bus Booking Pro helps operators to efficiently schedule buses, manage their fleet, handle ticketing, and provide excellent customer service. It streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and improves the overall bus management process.

Route Management

The Bus Booking Pro has a package management feature that allows users to create and add different packages to a variety of routes. The package management module includes the ability to establish rates based on seasons, as well as provides additional add-ons that are relevant to the packages.

Attach Bus to Route

You can attach any number of buses to the route or share buses with different routes and packages.

Bus Facility Configurator

Configure your buses facilitates before attaching to routes for better customer experience.

Dynamics Pricing

Dynamic pricing increases revenue, Improve customer satisfaction, and better utilisation of the inventory.

Bus Booking Pro - A booking solution for Bus Fleet owners and Tour package operators

Dynamic Bus Layout Configurator

Create and configure the layout of your buses with a click. A dynamic bus layout configurator does the job for you.

Dynamic seat Layout

Create a bus seat layout with our automatic bus seat layout tool based on your bus capacity

Real time Seat capacity

Real time seat capacity based on location and seat availability.

Driver Management

This module allows to manage driver roaster and daily operations.

Route & Package Management

Bus Booking pro comes with package management to create and add packages to various routes. Package management module can set up rates based on seasons and also comes with add-ons related to packages.


Web front end with package listing based on dates and availability.


Customisable discount code creator for offering discounts to customers.


Book seats for the buses based on package.


Real-time view of seat availability for packages.


Create and manage add-ons to your packages. Attach packages with add-ons with or without pricing options.

Create Routes

The easiest bus booking software to create routes with start, end and Intermediate stop locations.

Attach Bus to Routes

You can allocate your bus to a specific route in a valid interval of dates.

Pick up & drop off point with time

Pickup & Drop off point management is simple and clear hence it is altogether based on trips starting and end time


User can manage bookings, print their tickets using manage booking options.

Dynamics Pricing

The rule-based pricing approach is the simplest technique to adjust pricing to market situations. This approach is mainly based on historical demand information. If demand for charters or a particular intercity route is higher on Tuesday afternoons, the rule-based approach would recommend a price increase for trips starting at that time. The rule-based approach is easy to implement and does not require any technology tool. On the other hand, this approach is limited to historical information and does not take into account any future demand or market changes.

The category-based approach is a medium-sized technique to leverage demand in the pricing strategy. The category-based approach considers seats or vehicles already sold in the price decision. In this case, the price changes with the amount of already booked trips.

QR Code Scanning and Driver App

The Bus Booking Pro e-tickets feature QR codes for ticket confirmation, allowing drivers to quickly and effectively confirm reservations. They can scan the QR codes on tickets or on mobile smart phones. This provides fast and efficient passenger confirmation and updates the manifest.

The driver mobile app serves as a ticket scanner and booking tool. It allows drivers to accurately count seats and track no-show passengers. In real-time, drivers can see the status of passengers booked on the bus, while admins receive real-time information on passengers travelling. The app also shows the availability of seats in real-time. Our scanning system is fast and allows drivers to access user information, route manifests, and make cash bookings without delay.

The driver app greatly reduces paperwork, human error, and improves time management and data accuracy throughout the system.

Agent Management

Bus booking pro comes with agent management module to create and manage agents. They also will have role based access to the system to create and manage bookings .

  • Create Agents

  • Agent Management

  • Agent Logins via web for bookings and real-time availability information

  • Allocate seat for Agents

  • Commission Managed by Rules

  • Commission for packages

  • Commission for add-on products

  • Automatic commission calculation

  • Agent Dashboard

  • Real time bus seat view

Driver Management System

Bus Booking Pro provides tools for managing driver schedules and assignments. This includes the ability to create and update driver shifts, assign specific drivers to routes or trips, and manage driver availability and preferences. By automating these processes, operators can optimize their driver resources and ensure that all shifts are adequately covered.

  • Driver Roster means a daily shift schedule listing the shift assignment, driver's name, Vehicle, his working time if different, and the hours worked for that shift.

  • Manage your weekly, monthly, and daily rosters

  • Driver’s app for Booking and Scanning.

  • Drivers can see their route manifest before their trip in Drivers App

  • Simple and Easy to use for drivers

  • Responsive design for Android Users

Add-On Creation

Create add-ons with ease. Our add-on creating tool will allow you to create add-ons with or without pricing options. You can attach the add-on to a packages with or without pricing options.

  • Create add-ons

  • Create add-on headings and products

  • Enable and disable add-on features

  • Add-on item based commission for Agents

  • Manage add-on features

  • Add-on settings

  • Add-on for agents