A booking solution for Bus Fleet owners and Tour package operators 

Bus Booking Pro

Stay ahead of the competition with our advanced booking solution designed for bus fleet owners and tour operators.

  • Bus Management

    The bus management module is designed to create bus configurations automatically based on their seating capacity. Additionally, it allows for efficient management of routes and packages for the entire fleet.

  • Route Management

    With the route management module, you can easily create and organize routes for your fleet. This module enables you to assign buses to specific routes and track their boarding and drop-off points effectively.

  • Business intelligence

    The business intelligence dashboard provides you with real-time insights into your package or route revenue per date. It also features a dynamic revenue graph for packages and offers information on bus occupancy by date and route.

  • Agency management

    In this module, you have the ability to create and manage your agents. Agents will have access to a dashboard that provides real-time visibility into the status of bus seats. Additionally, it includes an integrated payment module for seamless transactions.

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Bus Booking Pro Solution Overview

Fleet Management

Manage your fleet with operational efficiency. Creates routes and attach routes to your fleet, you can also configure your bus capacity and layout. You can also manage tour packages and attach packages to the fleet based on capacity.

Seat Management

The dynamics Seat configurator in the system with automatically create seat layouts based on the capacity of the bus. You can define the rows and the tool will create the layout.

Routes Management

This system helps the easiest scheduling of the bus route with features like starting and ending destinations and also provides boarding and dropping point at each route.

Tour Package Management

Create your own package and attach buses to package or routes. You can also create specific add-ons for your packages .

Bookings Management

Customers can book the packages from the web based front end or from the admin panel with the software. Agents can also use their login to make the bookings.

Instant E-Ticket

The system will generate E-ticket automatically after each booking. E-ticket holds the information regarding the passengers and his tour details with add-on on details .

Agent Management

It boost our sales and maximize the revenue.In this system the agent is under the superintend of the admin. The admin have only the access to manage each agency.

Add-Ons Management

You can create add-ons and attach it to your tour package bookings. Add-ons can be attached based on package or routes.

Route Management

Create route for your operations and manage it by attaching resources to the routes .

Seat / Bus configurator

Automatic bus layout creator configures your bus layout with a single click .

Package Management

Create and add packages with ease. You can create package based on seasonal pricing and add on options .

Add-on management

Create and add add-ons with your tour packages. You can create add-ons with pricing and without pricing options .

Business Intelligence

Admin panel comes with integrated business intelligence module to monitor your business operations. Business Intelligence tool is customisable based on your preference .

Agent management

Create and manage agents based on different levels of commission and payment gateway. Agents can see bus status and seat availability real-time .

Bus Routes

The easiest bus booking software to create routes with start, end and stop destinations, manage time traveling and bus schedules.

Payment Module

Process online and offline payments using various options available in the bus booking system. You can enable either one or all of the payment methods from the admin panel

Monthly Real time revenue graph

Bus booking pro comes with pre-configured graphs for your monthly revenue based on packages and routes .

Daily package revenue report

Daily package revenue gives an insight into daily revenue based on given date .

Daily and weekly bus occupancy meter

Bus booking pro come with inbuilt charts to show your real-time occupancy of your buses based on packages and routes .

Route performance report

Route performance report provide the information necessary to manage routing, schedule activities.it summarizes full trip details in given interval of days.

Finance Report

Financialreport is critical for a Bus booking company because it provides a snapshot of a company’s overall finances.

Passenger list

Passenger list by selected route or by date.

Route Manifest and location manifest.

Route Manifest and Location manifest provides a detailed overview of your routes booking information on given date

Real time seat availability

Bus booking engine module brings real-time bus seats inventory and availability of seats in every seconds which increased Bus occupancy rate


Bus booking pro come with a list of reports to suite your business needs. Reports can be customised based on client’s requirements.

User roles

Bus booking pro user permissions can be configured based on roles .

Excel export

Reports can be exported to PDF, CSV or Excel format.


You can configure and create add-ons for Agents and web users using your Admin panel .

Promotional codes

Bus booking pro comes with options to create promotion codes and voucher codes to offer discounts to your passengers .

Automated Email Notifications

Email notifications can be sent to travellers by admins via bus booking pro after each Booking

Cancelation management

Companies can set up their cancellation policy and manage ticket cancellation and refund using the automated calculation based on the policy setup. Cancellation permission is based on admin user roles setup and is a two-step process.

Booking Hold

You can make any of the seats hold for a while which makes the seats as booked for your customers

Bus booking pro designed specifically for bus reservation and ticketing operations. It is a user-friendly platform that automates and streamlines the entire process.

Real-time Seat Availability

View real time seat availability.

Seat Booking

Book seats based on your preference based on dynamic seat

Dynamic seat Layout

Automatic bus seat layout tool based on your bus capacity

Add-on booking

Create add-ons for your packages and give your customers the options to use it while bookings seats

Dynamics Pricing

Dynamic pricing increases revenue, Improve customer satisfaction, and better utilisation of the inventory.


Automatic E-ticket and confirmation for bookings for users

Manage booking

Self-manage booking for users using their logins

Bus Facility Configurator

Configure your buses facilitates before attaching to routes.

Booking process

Selection of destination, select tours, seat reservation, add-ons, and payment options

Driver Management

This module allows to manage driver roaster and daily operations

Promo code

Option to create discount coupon codes to be used for online bookings.

Secure payment gateway

Can integrate with any payment gateway like PayPal, visa

Agent Logins

Cloud based agent logins for bookings

Create Routes

The easiest bus booking software to create routes with start, end and Intermediate stop locations.

Cancellation Management

Rule based on cancellation policy manages ticket cancellation based on time and date

Maximize Efficiency in Bus Bookings with our Advanced Online Ticketing System. Bus operators and travel agencies can completely transform their bus management and tour package booking operations with Bus Booking Pro. We can also custom-build based on your requirements. Bus Booking Pro comes with a powerful admin console and BI dashboard to streamline your operations, enhance customer experience, and boost revenue.

Achieve operational and business success with our Top-rated Bus Booking Software Solutions.

The Software comes with customisable dashboard for real-time revenues, bus seat status and other options. User centric dashboard gives you an insight to your business and helps you to make operational and management decisions for fleet operators. Agents also gets their customisable dashboards for their package and bus seat management.


    Real time bus and package revenue to plan and forecast your business


    Customisable dashboard to make real-time business decision


    Live view of occupancy based on route and packages for set number of days


    Busbooking pro has built in business intelligence and analytics for your operational efficacy and business insights

Bus Booking Pro - A booking solution for Bus Fleet owners and Tour package operators

Are you in need of a reliable platform to enhance the management of your fleet business? or, are you a tour operator with a diverse range of transportation options and looking for a seamless way to oversee them all?

Look no further than Bus Booking Pro - a highly flexible and customizable option designed to cater specifically to your needs. Whether you're a package tour operator or a fleet owner, we invite you to get in touch with us. With our expert assistance, we can assist you in optimizing and simplifying your day-to-day operations, ensuring a seamless and efficient service.

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